Garden Care

"Locavore" is a term becoming increasingly more popular in today's lexicon. Describing the movement to grow one's own fruits, vegetables, and potentially grains, and subsequently consume them, the word and the movement are growing quickly. While the movement promotes healthy living, local consumerism, and environmental sustainability, the work involved is no easy task.

Maintaining a garden, especially one producing the food and nutrition for you and your family can be a round-the-clock kind of job. Daily watering, weeding, planting, picking, harvesting, tilling, and other maintenance tasks make gardening a task many folks these days pass up quite easy. Sure it sounds great, but who has the time?

With our help, you too have the garden you're dreaming of. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and potentially grains too - these are all within reach. We won't eliminate your work - you're likely creating a garden because it is an interest of yours. We'll just cut down on the amount of work you have to dedicate to bring a productive garden to fruition.

We'll take care of the weed control, regular watering, fertilization, and other regular maintenance. We can also be there right from the beginning, offering consultation of planting, location of the garden, configuration of the plant life, and proper garen construction and soil care.

You too can be part of the locavore movement, but with less time spent than is normally required. Allow us to take care of the creation and maintenance tasks of your garden.

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